Take Advantage of this Great Offer from Kroger - Emporium Snack Pack Treasure EmporiYum
over 2 years ago

Take Advantage of this Great Offer from Kroger - Emporium Snack Pack Treasure EmporiYum

Four and a Half Stars

Kroger Treasure EmporiYum

Who doesn’t like free snacks? Especially if they are healthy and delicious! We were pleasantly shocked by how generous the Kroger Emporium Snack Pack was.

Kroger is offering sweepstakes for a box of free full-sized snacks. No hidden shipping fees. Completely free. We will go into detail about how to obtain this delicious deal. One of the best free boxes we have seen all month!

How to redeem?

First, you will go to this site: https://krogersocialsocial.com/treasure-emporiYum

Then you will enter in your name, phone number, address, email and site that referred you “TrySpree”. Next, you will enter in the promo code “Adventure Mom”.

How long is it available?

The free sample box is available from October 1- December 31 2020 at 11:59 PM eastern time or until supplies last.

Likelihood of receiving a sample?

You can only submit one entry per household. If you submit more than one entry, you run the risk of being disqualified. Also, the entries must be in English. The offer is still up and running to date, and there will be 2,500 winners. Observing other free sample sweepstakes, this seems like a large number of winners. I would speculate that your odds are pretty high for receiving the sample.

How long did it take to receive sample?

Luckily, we were chosen as winners for the sweepstakes and received the sample in 3 in a half weeks.

Does it cost any money?

There were no hidden fees with shipping costs. This sample was completely free!

What was included in the sample?

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sample box we received. First, there were an assortment of nuts in the sample pack. This was shocking to us because nuts are sometimes more expensive than other snacks.

One of the favorite snack packs was the Salted Caramel Cashews. They were addicting and delicious and tasted very fancy. There were also two pistachio full-sized snack packs. The pistachios were salty (not too salted) and tasted very fresh. Pistachios are usually more expensive nuts, and we liked how they included it in the free sample.

Secondly, there were full sized bars! There were 6 snack bars total- three mixed berry granola and three granola chocolate chip bars. The snack bars were very kid friendly and gobbled up in two days. Four snack sized bags of pretzels were given, too!

Lastly, there were sweat chocolate treats given in the free sample. Dark chocolate sea salt caramel tasted luxurious and high-end chocolate. The snack sample was extremely generous, and we couldn’t believe how amazing the snack sample was!

Rating of free snack sample:

TrySpree rated this snack sample 4.5/5. There were no hidden fees, and the snack sample was completely free. It was very easy to redeem the free Kroger snack sample, too! The free snack sample was sent within 3 weeks.

The shipping could have been a little faster, but the shipping was the only complaint. Also, the chances of winning of the snack sample were relatively high compared to other sweepstakes we have seen. We would highly recommend this free snack sample.

The promotion is still being offered with the code “Adventure Mom”. The most redeeming quality of the free snack pack was how many delicious snacks were given! We did not expect so many free full-sized snacks. The snacks were adult and kid-friendly. Do not hesitate to enter if you do not have children.

We hope this sample review helps, and please comment below with additional questions or if you enter and receive your free snack sample pack. We would love to hear about your experience!

Kroger Treasure EmporiYum