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Thank you for your interest in TrySpree, a forum community dedicated to finding, sharing, and reviewing free samples. Come join the discussion about products you love or are dying to try. Go on a Trying Spree!

Who We Are

TrySpree was started by a group of enthusiasts that shared a common passion for freebies. Over the years, the site has grown, and today has over ninety thousand members. More importantly though, the users of the site have created over 100 thousand products and reviews of free samples all because of TrySpree.

Online Forum

The beauty of online forums is the information is peer-vetted. Our members have read the posts, comments, reviews, and helped maintain active conversations around the accuracy of the content you might be reading. In addition, our team of moderators and administrators are looking out for “fake news” or non authentic free samples from unauthorized sources.

Content Policy

We absolutely love when our community shares new content for others to enjoy. But in doing so, we ask you to review our content policy before posting to ensure we keep the community a great place to share and participate.


TrySpree does not sell or ship the free samples. Please remember, the company doing the promotion is who will handle the shipping, NOT TrySpree.


Make sure to check out our FAQs where we answer other questions you might have.

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