About Us

Hi there!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Benny and Whit, a couple who manage TrySpree. Here's a little about us.

Whit is a long time bargain shopper who loves couponing and finding great deals. That's what led her to get involved in free samples. She loves finding them and writing up helpful content by reviewing the ones she tries. She's passionate about it and we hope it shows for our readers!

Benny is a software engineer who likes to help people out by building tools they can interact with. That's where TrySpree comes in. He built it so that Whit can share all her great freebies with a large community. This way not only Whit can enjoy them, but a much larger audience as well.

The goal of TrySpree is to have a place where people can learn about free samples and also share them as well. Please get in touch with us if you want to help out!

We hope you love TrySpree as much as we do!