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Explore Your Goals: Receive a Free Vision Discovery Journal + Free Shipping!

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Charis Bible College is offering a free Vision Discovery Journal with free shipping. To get the journal, use the coupon code 3FFB at checkout to reduce the price to $0.00. No payment details are required. The Vision Discovery Journal helps you identify and step into the vision God has for you by asking guided questions to the Holy Spirit. Visit the Charis Bible College store, add the journal to your cart, and apply the coupon code 3FFB for a free purchase. 

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and goal setting with your very own Free Vision Discovery Journal, shipped directly to you at no cost. This specially designed journal is a powerful tool to help you visualize and articulate your aspirations, guiding you through a structured process to uncover your true ambitions and plan actionable steps toward achieving them. Whether you're setting personal goals or professional milestones, this journal is an ideal companion to keep you motivated and organized on your path to success.


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