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Waffle Flavored Waffle Fries for Foodservice Businesses for FREE!

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Maple City™ Waffle-Flavored Waffle Fries and Bites by Simplot are innovative products designed to combine the flavors of waffles with the convenience of fries. Targeted at quick-service restaurants (QSR), these items are made with real maple syrup and cater to the growing popularity of chicken and waffles. They are easy to add to menus without additional training or equipment and can be enjoyed throughout the day. Recipes and inspiration for using these products include various breakfast and BBQ dishes. Foodservice operators can join a waitlist for samples.

Product Description:

Waffle Flavored Waffle Fries are a delightful twist on the classic French fry. These fries are shaped like waffles, with a unique grid-like texture that allows them to hold more seasoning and create a satisfying crunch with every bite. They are infused with the rich, buttery flavor of traditional waffles, offering a perfect blend of savory and slightly sweet tastes. The exterior is crispy and golden brown, while the interior remains fluffy and tender. Ideal as a snack, side dish, or appetizer, Waffle Flavored Waffle Fries bring a fun and tasty experience to any meal.


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