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Pick up your FREE Jovial Truffle Mac & Cheese After Rebate!

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Offer Information:

Jovial Foods is offering a special rebate on its Truffle Mac, a gourmet pasta product. To receive a free box, customers need to buy the product from an eligible retailer and retain their receipt. They can then submit the receipt online or through other specified methods to claim the rebate and get the full purchase price back. Jovial is known for its high-quality, organic ingredients, and this rebate helps customers enjoy their gluten-free, truffle-flavored mac and cheese for free. 

Product Description:

Jovial Truffle Mac & Cheese is a gourmet version of the classic comfort dish, blending high-quality pasta with a rich truffle-flavored cheese sauce. Jovial, known for its commitment to organic and gluten-free products, uses its signature pasta made from ancient grains or gluten-free ingredients. The sauce combines premium cheeses with the distinctive, earthy flavor of truffles, creating a luxurious and decadent taste. This mac and cheese appeals to food enthusiasts who appreciate sophisticated flavors while maintaining a wholesome, natural ingredient list. It is suitable for an elegant meal or a comforting family dinner. 


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