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Enter the Tropicana Pulp Prenup Sweepstakes and WIN $5,000 & a Lifetime Supply of Tropicana Orange Juice!

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Tropicana has introduced a fun promotional campaign known as the "Pulp Prenup" sweepstakes, aimed at settling the pulp versus no-pulp orange juice preference between couples. Participants can enter to win by choosing their preferred type of orange juiceā€”either with pulp or without. This campaign cleverly plays on the idea of marital prenuptial agreements to resolve one of the common trivial disputes in households. The sweepstakes highlight Tropicana's diverse product range, accommodating different consumer preferences for pulp in their juiceĀ 

Product Description:

Winning $5,000 and a lifetime supply of Tropicana orange juice sounds like a significant giveaway. Such promotions often involve entering through a contest or sweepstakes, with participants following specific entry rules, like submitting an online form or mailing in an entry. The terms for "lifetime supply" can vary, but it usually means receiving a certain quantity of the product regularly for a specified period or in batches. If you're interested in joining the contest, check the official Tropicana website or their social media channels for accurate information on eligibility, rules, and deadlines.


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