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Sweepstakes: LUSH & DEW Earth Day Green Thumbs!

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Offer Information:

Aims to promote gardening and ecological sustainability through its prizes. The entry for the sweepstakes is a single-entry model, making it straightforward for participants. The main prize, an all-inclusive seed bank, encourages the cultivation of a variety of plants that are beneficial to bees, essential pollinators in many ecosystems. This prize underscores the sweepstakes' environmental theme, reinforcing the importance of individual actions in ecosystem conservation. 

Product Description:

Join us for "LUSH & DEW Earth Day Green Thumbs" as we celebrate our planet and pledge to make a positive impact on the environment! This event is a collaboration between LUSH, known for their ethical and sustainable beauty products, and DEW, a passionate community dedicated to environmental conservation.

At "Green Thumbs," we're getting our hands dirty for a good cause! Dive into a day filled with eco-friendly activities, including tree planting, community clean-ups, and workshops on composting and recycling. Whether you're a seasoned environmentalist or just beginning your green journey, there's something for everyone to learn and contribute.


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