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Secure a Free Wally’s Natural Unscented 2pk Ear Candles at Ralph's or Walmart

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Offer Information:

 Wally’s Natural is offering a free 2-pack of Unscented Ear Candles, redeemable at Walmart or Ralph's. To claim this freebie, enter your email on their site to receive an offer, which you can then redeem in-store, choosing EFT as a payment method instead of cash or card. This offer is up to a $6 value. 

Product Description:

 Experience Purity and Nature's Finest:

Indulge in the Serenity of Handcrafted Candles, Crafted with Unbleached Cotton Muslin and Purified Beeswax. Embrace the Essence of True Simplicity, Free from Harmful Additives, Chemicals, or Dyes. Let the Natural Beauty of Beeswax Illuminate Your Space with a Clean, Sublime Glow... 


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