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Claim a Free Richard's Sparkling Rainwater After Rebate

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Offer Information:

 You can get Richard's Sparkling Rainwater for free through a rebate offer. After purchasing the item from a local participating retailer and saving the receipt, sign up for a text rebate to receive 100% instant cashback via Venmo or PayPal 

Product Description:

 Cold pressurised sparkling rainwater full of bubbles that last for days; so clean and soft, it's almost sweet. You've never had water like this: 100% pure rain in an infinitely recyclable glass bottle. Sourced from the purest point in nature's water cycle and is cleaner than the strictest water standards. We don't need to put anything in it, no chlorine, fluoride, PFAS, BPA... you name it. While others lose half their water during filtration, our closed-loop system loses almost zero.


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