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Get your FREE "I and love and you" Pet Interactive Cat Treats

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Offer Information:

  Social Nature is offering a chance for cat owners to try "I and love and you" Pet Interactive Cat Treats for free. Selected participants will receive a voucher to redeem a 4ct pack of these treats at a participating store. The treats are made with cage-free chicken and contain high fiber ingredients like pumpkin and prebiotics to support healthy digestion and address litter box inconsistencies. 

Product Description:

Treat Meow from I and Love and You is not just a tasty treat for your feline friend – it's a bonding experience! Rip open a pouch to entice your quirky cat out of hiding, teach them a new trick, or simply add some excitement to their daily routine. Made with delicious cage-free chicken, these lickable, pureed treats can be served straight from the pouch or drizzled over your cat's meal for an extra special touch. 

But these treats aren't just about flavor – they're also packed with nutrients to support your cat's health. The Digestion Support variety is formulated with high-fiber ingredients like pumpkin and prebiotics to promote healthy digestion. So if your cat struggles with digestive issues, Treat Meow can help regulate their system and keep those litter box surprises to a minimum.


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