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Hurry up! Free Sample of Stem & Root Melatonin-Free Sleep Support Supplements

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Stem & Root is offering a free sample of their Melatonin-Free Sleep Support Supplements. This opportunity is for individuals interested in trying a new sleep aid supplement. Participants are selected by signing up and answering a questionnaire linked on the MySavings website. Those chosen will receive their free sample without any purchase or payment information required, as part of a feedback program​ 

Product Description:

 Fall asleep faster and stay asleep: get ready to catch more Z's, naturally. Our herbal sleep aid is made with a blend of natural ingredients, including valerian root, holy basil and hops flower, to help you achieve restful sleep without worrying about long-term melatonin concerns. SLEEP SOUNDLY WITH HOLY BASIL: We include holy basil in our sleep aids for adults who need daily stress relief and improved sleep quality. These capsules combine holy basil with other potent botanicals to work with your body's natural sleep cycle and promote relaxation for a peaceful night's sleep.


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