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Bactine Max Strength Antibiotic+Pain Relieving Ointment Sample for Free

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Offer Information:

Bactine is offering a free sample of their Max Strength Antibiotic+Pain Relieving Ointment through their Bactine Insiders platform. While specific details from the webpage cannot be directly shared, this opportunity typically requires filling out an application or survey. For more information on how to apply and receive this free sample, please visit the Bactine Insiders website directly.

Product Description:

  • Max Relief: Offers an unparalleled blend of pain relief and germ elimination for minor wounds.
  • Antibiotic Protection: Features Bacitracin for 24-hour infection protection, keeping you safe and supported.
  • Gentle Formula: With 4% Lidocaine for maximum pain relief without the sting, making it a kind choice for sensitive skin.
  • First Aid Essential: A must-have for every first aid kit, providing fast-acting relief and peace of mind for all of life's little accidents.


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