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Earn a Free Bag of RITZ Toasted Chips

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Offer Information:

 The link leads to a page offering free samples of Ritz Toasted Chips. Ritz is a well-known brand that produces various snacks, including crackers and chips. These toasted chips are likely a new product offering from the brand. To claim the free sample, users may need to follow specific instructions provided on the page, such as filling out a form or completing certain tasks. However, as an AI, I can't access the specific details of the offer. 

Product Description:

RITZ Original Toasted Chips are a crispy, crunchy twist on the classic cracker you know and love. These baked chips are toasted, not fried, so they contain 55 percent less fat than regular chips.

Serve these reduced-fat chips alongside other savoury chips, on their own or with your favourite dips. Each 8.1 oz / 229 g bag of RITZ Original Toasted Chips is sealed to maintain freshness and great taste.


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