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Secure a Free Werther’s Candy and Popcorn – Shopper Army

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Offer Information:

 Shopper Army offers a chance to try and review Werther's Original Caramel Candy & Popcorn for free. Participants can select from various products, including candies and popcorn. To qualify, take a survey on Shopper Army's website, purchase the specified product from Walmart, and submit a review after tasting. A full rebate will be credited to your account. This opportunity is for those interested in sharing their experience with these treats. 

Product Description:

This recipe is a tribute to our beloved on-the-go treat from Disney World's Epcot: Karamell-Küche's irresistible caramel popcorn, featuring Werther's Original.

Each bite of this homemade delight transports us back to Epcot's Germany pavilion, where the cheerful sounds of the clock tower and the sweet aroma of fresh caramel envelop the air.


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