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Secure Your Free AlphaID At Home Saliva Collection Kit

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Offer Information:

TrySpree is offering a free AlphaID Home Saliva Collection Kit for assessing the risk associated with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. This FDA-cleared kit is provided at no cost and requires creating a secure account to order 

Product Description:

AlphaID utilizes an FDA-cleared, noninvasive oral DNA-collection method to provide dependable, confidential, and precise genotyping results.¹

Our cheek swab screening covers the 14 most common mutations linked to AAT deficiency, encompassing variants like S, Z, F, I, as well as rare and null alleles.¹⁻³

The AlphaID kit includes all the necessary components for collecting and submitting a cheek swab sample for alpha-1 screening.

We're proud to offer AlphaID kits courtesy of Grifols, at no expense, ensuring that patients and their insurers are not billed for this essential screening service.


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