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Joydays Cookies for Free After Rebate

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Offer Information:

A bag of Joydays Cookies is available for free after a rebate. Customers need to purchase the item from a local participating retailer, save the receipt, and sign up for a rebate to get 100% instant cashback through Venmo, PayPal, or a gift card.

  • Purchase Requirement: Buy from a local retailer and keep the receipt.
  • Rebate Process: Sign up for a rebate after purchase.
  • Cashback Method: Receive 100% cashback instantly via Venmo, PayPal, or as a gift card.
  • Availability: Limited time or while supplies last.

This offer allows customers to try Joydays Cookies effectively for free with an immediate rebate. The process is straightforward, enhancing its accessibility.

Product Description:

Joydays is a good source of inulin - a well-known prebiotic fiber which can provide digestive and immune benefits as well as help to control hunger. Prebiotic fibers, like our inulin resistant fiber, helps to naturally release GLP-1. A hormone responsible for reducing appetite and lowering blood sugar, which in turn can help you lose weight and stay healthy.


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