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Marketing For Dummies, 6th Edition eBook for FREE!

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An invaluable guide for those seeking to delve into marketing, "Marketing For Dummies" authored by Jeanette Maw McMurtry proves to be an excellent resource. Whether you're a business proprietor, a marketing professional, or just someone curious about the field, Jeanette delivers a lucid and thorough exploration of marketing essentials. She elucidates crucial concepts and provides actionable tips and strategies to empower readers in achieving success.

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This updated edition of Marketing for Dummies will walk you through the latest marketing technologies and methods, including customer experience, retargeting, digital engagement across all channels and devices, organic and paid SEO, Google ads, social media campaigns and posts, influencer and content marketing, and so much more. You’ll discover what works, what doesn’t, and what is best for your business and budget.

  • Learn the marketing and sales strategies that work in any economy
  • Discover how to engage customers with trust and enthusiasm
  • Understand post-pandemic changes in consumer attitudes
  • Discover new tools and technologies for finding customers and inspiring loyalty
  • Adapt your brand, pricing, and sales approach to make your business more valuable
  • Avoid common marketing mistakes and learn how to measure the impact of your efforts


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