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Free 7th Heaven Blemish Clay Mud Mask Sample!

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Offer Information:

  1. Social Media Engagement:
    • Follow the brand providing the sample on both Facebook and Instagram.
    • Engage actively by liking several posts on their pages.
    • Leave meaningful comments on at least 10 of their posts to show your interest and interaction.
  2. Online Presence:
    • Conduct a Google search for the brand and product.
    • Scroll through the search results to gather more information about the brand and its offerings.
  3. Claiming the Free Sample:
    • Regularly check your social media feed and story for updates from the brand.
    • Once the free sample offer appears, click 'Get Offer' to claim your free sample.

By following these steps, you'll actively engage with the brand, explore their online presence, and be ready to claim your free sample when it becomes available on your social media feed. 

Product Description:

 Experience the power of our special Blemish mud blend, featuring Aloe Vera, Willow, Evening Primrose, and Witch Hazel in our face mask. This unique combination is designed to naturally target your problem areas, promoting a clean complexion. When used weekly, our mud mask enhances your daily cleansing routine, keeping your skin super clean and less prone to blemishes and uneven skin tone. Unlock the potential for a clearer, healthier complexion with our effective Blemish mud mask. 


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