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Free Bear’s Fruit Probiotic Sparkling Water After Rebate!

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Offer Information:

  1. Purchase: Visit your local participating retailer and buy Bear’s Fruit Probiotic Sparkling Water.
  2. Save Receipt: Keep your purchase receipt safe. You will need it to complete the rebate process.
  3. Rebate Sign-up: Go to the rebate sign-up page on our website. You can find the link on the Bear’s Fruit official website or promotional materials.
  4. Complete Form: Fill out the rebate form with the required information. This typically includes your name, email address, and upload a clear image of your receipt.
  5. Submit: Double-check the information you provided and submit the form.
  6. Verification: Our team will verify your submission. This may take a short while.
  7. Instant Cashback: Once your submission is approved, you will receive a 100% instant cashback. Choose your preferred payment method – Venmo or PayPal.

Product Description:

 Bear's Fruit tastes awesome, with less sugar, and even more nutrients to feel your best.  


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