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Activate II Dog Collar & FirstAct Plus Dog Drops for FREE

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Safeguard your fur babies during this season by utilizing this potent flea and tick solutions designed to repel and eliminate pests. Tevra Pet Insiders is inviting dog owners, such as yourself, to participate in their upcoming sampling and feedback initiative. Sign up to test one of their highly effective flea and tick products for dogs.

When you apply, you'll get the opportunity to try one of our following flea & tick products:

Activate II Dog Collar - Studies show it's MORE effective than Seresto but at a fraction of the cost.
FirstAct Plus Dog Drops -  Uses the same formula as Frontline Plus - but costs a lot less.

Product Description:

Activate II Dog Collar & FirstAct Plus Dog Drops repels and kills fleas and ticks on contact, without your furry friend needing to be exposed to bites, unlike other alternatives. Instantly repels pests and starts killing fleas & ticks within 24 hours.


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