5 months ago

8ct Box of Blume Superfood Lattes for Free After Rebate

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Offer Information:

I purchased the matcha flavor purely to make a low-sugar hot drink. It definitely has a calming effect, even though I wasn't expecting it to! This is great right before bed, but I can only drink it when I can afford to be really calm for a bit. Tastes good when combined with a small amount of agave.

If you are interested in trying this, with this rebate offer, you can get an 8-count box of Blume Superfood lattes for free! To visit the page, click the 'Follow Link' button. Simply buy the item from a participating local Target retailer and keep your receipt.

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Product Description:

Superfoods are nature's nutrient-packed powerhouses that fuel our bodies! We grind these up into a fine powder and pair them up to resemble latte flavors you already know and love from the coffee shop. When topped with milk, the result is a delicious latte that tastes like the good stuff, minus the bad stuff.


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