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Sweet Baby Ray's Sample for Free

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Are you itching to get your hands, lips, and mouth on the best barbecue sauce in the United States? Go over and get a sample of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce! To submit your sample request, click the link and complete the form. Choose "you are a consumer" and "you are a residential" under the consumer type drop-down menus on the form.

Product Description:

Sweet Baby Ray's epitomizes the way I thought barbecue sauce should smell growing up. At one point I could only describe this as "barbecue sauce," but my more trained sense of smell now knows this is a sugary sweetness cut with vinegar and backed up with liquid smoke. All of these weigh pretty equally in the aroma department, coming together to form a sauce that at once smells strongly of barbecue while having no real indistinguishable uniqueness.


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