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10 months ago

Box of Pinkie Organic Period Pads at Target for Free After Rebate

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Offer Information:

With this rebate deal, you can get a box of Pinkie Organic Period Pads for free at Target! Purchase the item and text us your receipt for a 100% refund via PayPal or Venmo right now! 

I had trouble locating pads that suited a 9-year-old. These are ideal; they are neither overly thick nor flimsily thin. She abhors wings, hence no wings. Each pad is individually wrapped, and the material is such that removing the wrap leaves no visible trace. Even better, it features a tiny drawstring to shut it so you can get rid of the used pad.

Please note that this offer is available while supplies last.

Product Description:

DESIGNED FOR TWEENS, TEENS & ADULTS: Pinkie's pads are the ONLY smaller-sized organic period pads designed to fit tweens, teens and adults. Go ahead, measure us against every other brand. Our Mini and Small sized pads are smaller... we Pinkie promise!


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