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11 months ago

Bath Intentions Shower Steamers Sample for Free

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Offer Information:

I've been seeking for shower steamers for a very long time because bath bombs, which DON'T function the same way, seem to be the only thing accessible. I'm very happy I found this product, and I love how fragrant my showers are now. I'd suggest using these shower steamers!

If you are interested in this product and have been wanting to try it, Bathintentions is giving away a free sample of their Shower Steamers. You can choose from different scents which is great so you can get what scent you would love to get.

This offer is available while supplies last. So, request your free sample now!

Product Description:

A small body of research suggests that some essential oils may improve mood by acting on neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers in the brain. Lavender, Roman chamomile, and bergamot may have this effect.

Some people find certain fragrances uplifting or energizing. Some examples include citrus oils, such as orange or lemon.

The fragrance of shower steamers is pleasant to many people. Using them may be an act of self-care that helps a person relax, slow down, or cultivate mindfulness.


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