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10 months ago

Snack Sample Boxes for Free from Nosherie App

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You may get FREE Snack Sample Boxes through the Nosherie App if you have an Apple smartphone. Simply open the app every day and cast your vote for the newest foods and beverages. You can get your first sample box once you've cast three-fourths of your votes. Continue your everyday activities to get more complimentary snack boxes without spending a dime! Click the 'Get Sample' button down below then create an account, download the app, and get started right now by clicking here!

I have already voted 4 times and will be waiting for my sample box. I will comment below once I have received mine.

Product Description:

Nosherie is your one-stop shop for discovering, trying, and buying new foods and drinks - sometimes before they even hit store shelves! Similar to a dating app, they personalize recommendations for new snacks based on your interests and help you unlock free foods from brands that you’re interested in trying.



about 1 year ago

I’m on my 4th to ally free box from Nosherie. They are incredibly good at finding great tasting snacks that do not have a lot of the unhealthy ingredients that is in a lot of snacks. Did you know that chocolate is good for you?? My whole world changed bc of this app. Please try it!

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