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7 months ago

Eclipse Foods Plant-Based Ice Cream for Free After Rebate

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There's an amazing chance to try this delicious vegan ice cream. Superior to many you can't go wrong with this. To enter click the "get sample" button, then enter your info. Purchase one Pint at a store near you and you'll receive your money back via Venmo or PayPal. Enjoy!

Better vegan ice cream that doesn't taste vegan has been on my search list. Although it wasn't quite as creamy as I'd liked, this was still superior to other plant-based ice creams I've had. The mint chip was pretty good, and I'm delighted I can now choose these from the shelf going forward.

Offer is available for a limited time only.

Product Description:

Meet dairy’s lick-a-like! At Eclipse Foods, they churn plants into ridiculously creamy, non-dairy ice cream that not only scoops like dairy, but also tastes like it too. So dig in and enjoy a scoop of plant-based ice cream that treats your taste buds, your animal friends, and the globe just right.


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