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Free Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Sample

Offer Information:

Love your curls? Here's how to get a free defining cream sample. A new ad is apearing on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. There is no direct link, but there are a few things you can do to trigger the algorythm. Once it shows up, simply click on the ad and voil√°!

1) Follow Not Your Mother's Curl talk on all their platforms
2) Like a few posts and stories
3) Google the product and look it up on Youtube
 4) Wait and click when it shows up! Good luck! 

Product Description:

Curl talk is specialized hair care with clean ingredients to give your curls the best treatment possible. 


I love this brand! But I absolutely HATE when brands single out people from getting samples who do not actively participate in online forums. It seems this is the only way to get the free samples. They are missing out on alot of potential customers when they do this. I buy ALOT of personal care products. I do have online profiles. But I don't go on them very often. But I would still love to try new products...because I may end up being the one who actually buys the product over the one who got the sample from their online profiles.... Just a thought....just saying....

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