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Free Halo Hydration Sample

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Get your sample now! There are a lot of HALO mouth-watering hydration sensation flavors to try. That's why they are offering one flavor per month to try for FREE! Simply 'Order Sample' to be sent your Halo Hydration sample.

Product Description:

The body needs vitamins to function at its peak. HALO includes Vitamins B and C to keep your immune system strong and energy levels high. Trace minerals are crucial to the body’s health. HALO delivers a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals, made by Mother Nature herself. One serving of HALO contains only 1g of natural cane sugar, 15 calories and no artificial sweeteners. 1g of sugar is all your body needs to absorb the electrolytes it craves. No need for additional sugar like in other hydration sticks!



almost 2 years ago

Sold out.

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