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Enemeeze Mini Enema Product Samples for Free

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Improve your bowel care using this Enemeeze Mini Enema. You can get a free sample of this product by just clicking the 'Get Sample' then adding the item to your cart and completing the checkout process to get your free sample plus free shipping!  

Product Description:

The Enemeez® formulation functions as a stool-softening, hyperosmotic laxative by drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues. The docusate sodium acts as a softener by preparing the stool to readily mix with watery fluids. The increased mass of stool promotes a bowel evacuation by stimulating nerve endings in the bowel lining and initiating peristalsis. Not only does it soften and loosen the stool, but it initiates a normal, replicated stimulus.



about 2 years ago

Constipation runs in my family! I know a lot of people are way too embarrassed to talk openly about it, but this sample will be used and I am hoping it helps others as well.

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