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Looking for something to read that actually feeds your brain? Then you must subscribe to Brain & Life Magazine now! Time to fast from trashy content from the internet and pick up a printed media. Click 'Get Sample'. Then subscribe now and provide the necessary information.

Expect to receive print magazine six times in a year. Learn more about the brain! I personally subscribed to it cause I'm staying for the quality content.

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Brain & Life is the most reliable source of information and news regarding neurologic conditions and the health of the brain. They are committed to keeping you informed and updated. Brain & Life is powered by American Academy of Neurology and more than 36,000 neurologists. 



over 2 years ago

I'm such a big nerd for this, I got excited jajaja


over 2 years ago

Thanks! I subscribed quickly.


over 2 years ago

This is a subscription I actually look forward to receiving!


over 2 years ago

Awesome post! I hope they cover bizarre neurological conditions too as I'm really interested in this subject.

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