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over 2 years ago

The Ten Commandments Are God’s Rules Children's Book for Free

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Teach your kids the Ten Commandments with this full-color illustrated storybook. I ordered min for my daughter.  To get a free copy of this The Ten Commandments Are God’s Rules Children's Book, all you have to do is click the 'Get Sample' then add it to your cart and checkout.

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The Ten Commandments are God's rules. And they are great rules to follow if you want to live a happy life and be good to God, to yourself, and to your neighbor.

This book is meant to aid Christian parents in teaching their children what the Ten Commandments are and how to keep them; it is also meant to illustrate that God's way really is the best way. 



over 2 years ago

Wonderful post!


over 2 years ago

God bless those who shared and requested!


over 2 years ago

The way I knew about Christ was through children's book. I understood it way more. I'm sure it'll be the same for my child. Thank you.


over 2 years ago

Aww one of the best post I've seen in a while


over 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

Thank you. This is a wonderful gift.


over 2 years ago

I sent the link to my group. They'd appreciate having a copy each!


over 2 years ago

God bless those sharing the Word and making it more digestible for the little ones!


over 2 years ago

My baby's learning about the Bible with such excitement. While the Bible is a great teacher, I like to teach her through child friendly books with cartoonish characters. Thanks!


over 2 years ago

This is absolutely adorable. This is a great way to engage a young mind.


over 2 years ago

Love this book!


over 2 years ago

Wow! Thanks!

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