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about 1 year ago

PediaSure 6-Pack or Shake Mix Coupon for Free

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Offer Information:

Get a coupon worth $15 good for PediaSure 6 pack or Shake Mix or other PediaSure products, and an instant 40%-off coupon. Click the 'Get Offer' and complete the form to sign up for this offer. Please note that this offer is only available to new enrollees.

Product Description:

Clinically proven* to help kids grow, PediaSure is a delicious nutrition drink that complements a healthy diet for kids who are behind in growth and is available in 6 delicious flavors. 



almost 2 years ago

Ooh I wanna see if this works on my child!


almost 2 years ago

Quick results. This is my daughter's favorite drink.


almost 2 years ago

great post!


almost 2 years ago

I'll see if it works


almost 2 years ago

Thanks! I received the coupon after a couple of minutes


almost 2 years ago

Got mine!


almost 2 years ago

I really wanted to try this! Hope I can get the product.


almost 2 years ago

Pediasure is an easy to use and on-the go product for my nephew. He loves it too so that's a plus!


almost 2 years ago

Pediasure have a variety of good flavors. My son hates breakfast for some reason. At the least he doesn't go out on an empty stomached with this.


almost 2 years ago

I used to pack this for my daughter for lunch. She was born premature and it affected her growth. She still drinks it sometimes!


almost 2 years ago

Thank you~


almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the coupon!


almost 2 years ago

My daughter loves to drink PediaSure. Thank you so much for posting this!

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