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almost 3 years ago

Nikwax BaseFresh Sample for Free

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Offer Information:

Foul odors easily stick to our clothes especially to those people who are active like me. And I just want to recommend this deodorizing fabric conditioner. This product is really amazing it can eliminate the bad odors from our clothes and keeps them smell fresh.

Get a free sample of this Nikwax BaseFresh by just answering 5 easy questions correctly and get a 50ml sachet of BaseWash for free! 

Product Description:

 Nikwax has the solution to revive the performance of your sportswear and keep it smelling fresh...

BaseWash is a water-based cleaner and conditioner that is easy to use in your washing machine or by hand. It enhances the wicking properties of synthetic sportswear, which helps garments dry faster, preventing you from feeling damp or cold when you stop being active and improving cooling efficiency.

BaseWash also conditions your garments whilst cleaning them, actively deodorizing the fabric and removing any ingrained body odor. Freshness is maintained during activity as odor build-up is kept at bay. 



almost 3 years ago

Found out the hard way that odor stains fabric.


almost 3 years ago

Had I found this sooner, I would've saved tons of money conbuying sportswear


almost 3 years ago

A hassle to get through the quiz for the sample. I prefer filling out forms. Getabilty should be lowered in rate.


almost 3 years ago

I just use powder. I gave up on deodorants cause it basically has no effect on me. Nikwax gave me a bit of a surprise when I used it!


almost 3 years ago

Not running the program in the US😔


almost 3 years ago

This looks like an ideal deodorant for a run!!


almost 3 years ago

Thanks! I don't like how I smell when I sweat. Other deodorants just make it worse.

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