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Buy One or More cans of La Morena to Receive $3 Cash Back

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Offer Information:

If you're going to buy from La Morena brand, see here in this table if the can/s you're buying is/are eligible for this offer. 

First thing you have to do is enter your mobile number and Hashting will send you back further details.

You will be made to complete their online application to be valid for this cashback. When you submit a valid receipt showing your purchase of one or more cans of La Morena products to one of their participating retailers, you will receive a  $3 cash back.  

Only available to US residents of legal age and over, until November 30, 2021. This offer will expire once there are 18,000 valid receipts received.

Product Description:

La Morena follows their slogan "Quality and Tradition" as they put 50 years of work into preserving their products of Mexican food. They adapt to the world's demands and make new strategies to target the ever changing market while maintaining product quality and tradition.



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I followed the instructions in the post 👍


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I found this one too and thought of sharing it here. You beat me to it.


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Bookmarked for later use


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Love this product!

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