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over 1 year ago

Free AirShock Sample

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Offer Information:

Are you a seller and looking for an excellent shipping protection for your product. AirShock is offering a single sheet of free sample.

All you have to do is provide your name, email address, phone number, and address. Get your free sample while it's there!

Product Description:

AirShock, as it is named, is an air-filled shipping package to absorb the shock from damaging the item. They have tested it to make sure that there will be no broken bottles and hearts once it made its way to the recipient's doorstep. If you're worried it's going to add weight to your package, don't be as it's light and can fit well in spaces to cushion a fragile item. 



about 2 years ago

Received confirmation 👍


about 2 years ago

Bubble wrap isn't always working for me. It uses a lot of it.I'll give this a try. It looks more convinient and saves more resources!


about 2 years ago

It hugged the items snugly. I even tried to give the package a shake and the items didn't move much.


about 2 years ago

I already have mine. Just started packing bottles. Handy stuff thanks!


about 2 years ago

Requested.. Thank you!


about 2 years ago

This offer will be a really great help for us sellers. Thank you!


about 2 years ago

I will be needing this for packaging.

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