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over 2 years ago

ThickenUp Clear Stick Packs for Free

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Offer Information:

I am suffering from dysphagia and this product really helped me a lot. If you're like me, you can try ThickenUp Clear for free by requesting a free sample from them. All you have to do is click the 'Get Sample' and complete the form to request your free sample.

Product Description:

Ā RESOURCEĀ® ThickenUpĀ® Clear is an innovative, non-starch-based thickening agent designed to rapidly thicken liquids and food for patients with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties. Once prepared, liquids remain clear and lump-free. RESOURCEĀ® ThickenUpĀ® Clear does not affect the taste or odor of the food or liquid.

RESOURCEĀ® ThickenUpĀ® Clear is for adults & children 3 years and older.Ā 



over 2 years ago

ThickenUp, one of the best!


over 2 years ago

Works best when mixed with larger amount than one glass a time.


over 2 years ago

I hate that I can only drink liquids with honey like consistency. Bonus: ThickenUp doesn't add a weird taste to my drinks at all!


over 2 years ago

We didn't know about this until I stumbled on it on accident. Mom has dysphagia for many years and just chose to live with it. ThickenUp has brought back her joy for eating!


over 2 years ago

A great product I can use on the go


over 2 years ago

Whenever I have a coarse throat, it's hard to swallow. This thickens the liquid enough to make it a bit easier for me.


over 2 years ago

Each individually packed item helps me control the portions, it's really helpful!!


over 2 years ago

Convenient to carry around, and can be bought at a good price if you can't acquire a sample


almost 3 years ago

I add thickenup to my drinks. Just give it a nice shake and done.


almost 3 years ago

One word. Sore throat. It's painful to swallow. Thickenup made it less unbearable for me!


almost 3 years ago

Bless the makers of this product


almost 3 years ago

The relief when my passageway clears. This did it for me!


almost 3 years ago

Great offer, it's very convenient for me and son when it comes to flying. It's very easy for packing.


almost 3 years ago

This really helped me, this product is amazing!

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