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almost 2 years ago

Free Exederm Samples

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Offer Information:

I found another treasure. Exederm products. Just sign up for free samples and store coupons by completing a simple form. Only available to US addresses. 

Delivery might take 4 to 8 weeks because many people are requesting free samples. You'll be added to the waiting list so no information will be lost.

Product Description:

Exederm make their products for eczema and dermatitis sufferers who have sensitive skin. 

Their products are specially formulated for very sensitive skin and is free from potential irritants such as colors, fragrance and harsh paraben preservatives.

For information on other Exederm products visit: Made in USA. 



about 1 year ago

Never received sample


about 2 years ago

Thank you so much!!! I've suffered with eczema over the last couple years, and nothing has helped!! I am praying this is the answer!! Sadly, it's taking longer to get the samples out because it's in high demand fyi, y'all!


over 2 years ago

Thank you for this. I don't understand why companies still pour paraben into skin products. Exederm is only one of the few that earned my trust..☺️


over 2 years ago

Bad, dry skin going on since primary school. I can't imagine going through high school if I haven't discovered Exederm's stuff earlier😌


over 2 years ago

very generous of them!


over 2 years ago

I HATE creams with a passion!! They sting and it makes it worse for me. I always stick to Exederm. It's way gentler for my eczema.


over 2 years ago

Small bottles but it lasts long


over 2 years ago

I already received mine before. I highly recommend this product!


almost 3 years ago

I've tried many creams for my eczema and this brand is the only cream that worked well for me. <3


almost 3 years ago

I have very dry skin and Exederms products were the best products I've tried!


almost 3 years ago

I have eczema and I am using Exederm for years and it made my skin soft and moisturized!


almost 3 years ago

Thank you! Actually Exederm is very much focused on dermatitis and other dry and sensitive skin.

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