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about 2 years ago

Free Sample of Friction Shield by Combat Ready Tape

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Offer Information:

Get a free sample of this great sports product that helps prevent blisters.

Super easy form to fill out, and they send it pretty quickly via the mail.

Get your sample now for your the person who's active in sports in your life, they'll surely appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Product Description:

Just put this tape in areas that have a lot of abrasion and it will protect your skin from getting blisters.

This company is built around combat and tactical uses so their products are high quality.

  • Wide pieces to protect your waist, traps/shoulders, groin, arms and lats
  • Mid-size pieces for your achillies, ball of foot, hands, etc
  • Small pieces for toes and nips.



11 months ago

Still chaffed my A hole


about 2 years ago

I hope they ship this internationally. I'm going back to playing volleyball for a local competition and I don't want to use up my pads for practice.


about 2 years ago

This helps me a lot whenever I play sports.


about 2 years ago

I skateboard a lot for fun and exercise. When I was starting out, it's skin peeled day after day. The scars are ugly but I tell myself it's the price I pay for a better performance. This helps me out hugely!

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