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4 months ago

Free Sample of Extra Strength Tan Breathe Right Strips

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Offer Information:

Take advantage of this great offer from Breathe Right to get a free sample of their Extra Strength Tan Breathe Right strips. They deliver them free in the mail straight to your door, 100% free. Click Get Sample and fill up the form.

You can potentially even re-use them if you are careful and pull them off gently. I can say they really open up my airways and do let more air in, so it feels like you're breathing much easier. Enjoy your easy breathing night's sleep! 👃😴 

Product Description:

With a breathable and form‑fitting material that comfortably adheres once exposed to air, our Extra Strength nasal strips are made to stay put, no matter the activity. The Extra Strength strip can be used anytime, anywhere, but here are a few ideas:

  • Exercise
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sleep


only for USA


12 months ago

Received these within days! I'm going to give them to my daughter that suffers from serious sinus infections. Thanks!


over 1 year ago

Didn't work when I was throating my NCO.


almost 2 years ago

I literally got this sample in like 2 days! I wanted it for myself to see if it would help with my breathing at night when I lay on my back which causes me to snore a bit. I couldn't tell if they worked or not but my husband says that they definitely did! Comfortable to wear, didn't realize I had it on during the night which is great. Will definitely be buying a pack!


almost 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

I don't have vices but it drives my partner how strongly I snore. I thought this was just something ineffective but I tried it anyway and SO commented the snoring was reduced.


over 2 years ago

Wonderful. Thanks for this.


over 2 years ago

Done submitting!


over 2 years ago

Thank you!


over 2 years ago

Clears up my sinuses over night! I wake up happier.


over 2 years ago

🤧It's the nasal congestion for me. Breathe Right strips made it a little better in some way!


over 2 years ago

I laugh when I used this. The strips are so cute they barely cover my big fat nose. I was able to breathe clearly and sleep greatly last night too!


over 2 years ago

It works but the sticky thing on the strip bothers me a lot in the morning. I can't simply wash it off with soap. That's my one complaint..


over 2 years ago

It can be a pain using it at night. You get used to it in a few sleeps.


over 2 years ago

I need this! Thanks for posting!


over 2 years ago

Have been loving using these at night because I feel like I breath so much easier at night. But I only give 4 stars because sometimes they come off. I think they need better sticky sides to be stronger and not come off halfway through the night. But overall great product. I even think it helps snoring so give it a try.


over 2 years ago

This is not just a want. At this point it's a need. My nose clogs when I sleep cause I turn to one side where I'm most ccomfortable.


over 2 years ago

Woah! I need this right now!


over 2 years ago

It's a bit hard to remove this but it can instantly expand your nasal passage once you put it on to breathe better.


over 2 years ago

So many sleepless nights because of my partner snoring, but when I made him use this I never heard him snore again.


over 2 years ago

I have early morning allergies and I always wake up with one side of my nose blocked then proceed to sneeze nonstop. I use this overnight and it really helps clear the airway. It's such a small change in my daily life but it makes my mornings betters.

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