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almost 3 years ago

Sky: Children of the Light by Nintendo

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Offer Information:

Who doesn't love Nintendo? It's one of the most ancient game producers and they're the best at what they do!

In some time, the game Sky can be priced and can only be added to your Wish List if you don't take this offer now.

Simply click Free Download and log into your Nintendo account, then prepare your den for another travel to a different world, by yourself or with friends 🥰.

Product Description:

From the award-winning creators behind Journey (2013 Game of The Year) and the highly-acclaimed Flower, comes a ground-breaking social adventure that is set to warm your hearts.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones.

In Sky, you arrive as one of the Children of the Light, spreading hope through the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their constellations.



almost 3 years ago

Great game👏🏿


almost 3 years ago

There is a lot of exploring with this game and I really love playing this game.


almost 3 years ago

Love Nintendo. Thanks, tryspree for this.


almost 3 years ago

Eurg the nostalgia! I remember watching gameplays of Sky on Youtube with my ex. It's what got me into gaming until I turned to violent ones lol. Thanks for reminding me good and bad memories lmao. Now I know what to do this weekend.

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