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over 2 years ago

Shower Hijack Stickers or Hangers for Free

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Offer Information:

Check your breast periodically. Order your Shower Hijack stickers or hangers for free! Just click the link below then choose if you want to receive a sticker or a hanger.

Product Description:

These stickers and hangers will remind you to make checking of your breast a part of your routine. This is raising awareness of breast cancer.



almost 3 years ago

Helpful reminders. You never know when something's going on with your body. One day you're laughing the next you're moaning or crying in pain.


almost 3 years ago

I have them now, thank you


almost 3 years ago

Received mine and the hangers are cute!


almost 3 years ago

Funny little hangers. I'll order mine too


almost 3 years ago

My aunt had breast cancer and I'm getting anxious whenever I remember how hard it is for her. I wanna have this!


almost 3 years ago

Need this for my daughter. Thank you!

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