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A Prayer for Mary eBook for Free

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The multi-million pound sale of his company was a seminal moment for businessman Jack Fleming, but his professional success is marred by personal tragedy. He needs time to clear his head and decide what to do with the rest of his life.

When by chance he meets the enigmatic Siobhán, he's smitten, but unexpectedly she disappears. Nothing will stop Jack, and the determination to find her eventually leads to Ireland, where the horror of abuse within the Catholic Church is laid bare alongside rabid sectarianism and organized crime.

Intrigued? It's free 😉.



almost 3 years ago

This is actually more than it looks. I had a hard time understanding some things in the book so I had uncle google to help me. It's just..... it's the best book so far for me!


almost 3 years ago

This is great for my afternoon read


almost 3 years ago

I love this


almost 3 years ago

Downloaded this for my mother in law and she loved it. Thanks for posting!

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