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almost 3 years ago

Free Comic Book from Lego

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Use this awesome Lego comic creator to make your own comic book!

Kids will love it because they can customize it to look like them.

As of August 2021, Lego Comic Creator had a fun time building comic books with you. Until next time! On that note, you can check out other free stuff on TrySpree!

Product Description:

How it works...

Create an adventure brick by brick by using the LEGO® Comic Creator!

  1. Build a LEGO Minifigure character.
  2. Choose a universe to explore.
  3. Answer a few questions to build an adventure.



almost 3 years ago

I didn't expect to download like more than 80 plus something megabytes for just a comic, but it's actually interesting so it was worth my time


almost 3 years ago

Aww this is the best gift for my little brother. We have a huge age gap, 14 years to be exact, and while I liked playing with sandcastles in my sandbox when I was young, he likes building tall houses with his legos and pretending that he's that small block of character. I clicked on this thinking it's just a picture I'll get but was surprised how detailed it is. I made the character look like my brother and tweaked few things on the universe. It immediately was sent to my email and I downloaded it. When I showed to him the first page, he loved it! And it might also foster his love for comics like I do hehe


almost 3 years ago

Chose superman. And got mine. Thanks.

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