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almost 3 years ago

Free Sample of Bibigo’s Korean Hot Sauce GOTCHU

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Get this great free sample off Sampler, which unfortunately will require you to register for an account there.

But after that, the process is quick and easy and it's a great sample! 

Product Description:

Sweet and spicy Korean sauce that uses traditional ingredients such as fermented soy beans and red chili peppers. It's delicious!



almost 3 years ago

This is actually sweet, but still spicy enough but not too much.


almost 3 years ago

Thissss is the most perfect I ever tasted for ramen. It's a thin coat over the noodles that makes it taste betterr. Thick pastes doesn't taste good in my mouth, it makes me want to hurl.


almost 3 years ago

Rating it a 6 out of 10. Not that spicy, good for those who like it not too spicy. I had a bottle of this and it's used by everyone in the house, coming from a family who don't like spicy sauce.

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