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12 days ago

Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer for Free

Offer Information:

There is a new sampling opportunity available for a free Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer in Home Tester Club! Register or log in and click the trials that you would like to apply for. Each sample is available for a limited time, so if you really want to try a product you need to be quick.

Product Description:

Dove Hand Sanitizer can clean and moisturize your hand at the same time. It is 99.99% effective against many common germs and meets FDA required alcohol levels. Perfect for when you’re on-the-go, their hand sanitizing gel will be there for you whenever you need it.
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11 days ago

I applied too!!! I hope I am picked. This is exactly what I need for my hands. Something nourishing... Thanks TrySpree!


12 days ago

Done applying! I've been using this sanitizer since I discovered it. It is lotion based and will keep your hands moisturized! Really need this for my rough and dry hands.

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