Sample Pack of Nordic Care Products

Sample Pack of Nordic Care Products

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Get our FREE Sample Pack with 1.5 oz. of Nordic Care Products and ONLY PAY A SMALL SHIPPING FEE - Your Skin Deserves it! (One sample pack per order) Foot Care Cream - The Swedish Foot Care Cream is extremely effective...










Can't wait to try nordic


I recive free samples in the mail daily. I utalize multiple sites. I even apply for samples of ex:doggy pee pads, even tho I personally don not own a dog. I give out the samples to other low income families in my community that are just as gratful as I am to have that what seemingly to some is a " to small" sample. I have an upcycled lg ice cream container under my bathroom sink that I keep all my tiny little packages of skin cream or shampoo etc. samples. I'm beyond grateful for them. I would never !!!!! be able to justify spending some of the prices of the products, and they are reasonably priced at retail I find for quality comparisons when I come across one of those"oh,wow!!!! that product totally,really did!!!! firm my skin like instantly!!!!" happy moments. None the less priorities.... kiddo is number #1!!!!! but those samples got me therw an entire year of my new single and broke mama life adventure I'm currently AND when some says to me "you're how old???, you look like you're about 20!!!" (mid 30's ssshhh) and then they ask me what I use "on my face" I'm not being a lier ot a snob when I tell them..."oh a little of this as little of that..." also there is a fairly lg group of us women locally that utalize the sample sites. and over the holiday season when a low income family comes to the donation centre to recive a community pay ot forward gift for their child, every little one needs a gift under their tree, we also think that is mamas deserve a little something too! (and to be 100% honest for myself personally it was the only gift I recived this year) we fill second hand purses with the product samples!!!!! so mama gets a new to you purse and there are pamper yourself goodies inside. It's awesome! So yeah sample ppl!!!! I think your fantastic!!!!!!


To those that bitch and moan about no doubt everything and anything in life,I'm specifically talking about free samples at this moment....Please don't complain about a company offering a free sample for the cost of shipping! Do you have any idea what it costs a company to even do a free sample program in the first place? A TON! Most of these companies are ownetare a very small business that just to offer samples,went in the hole majorly! Also don't moan about I didn't get no's a scam...blah blah blah blah...SAVE IT!
Let me tell you a story about how if a company is offering free samples and charging shipping...I decide whether the sample is something I luv and am truly interested in trying and if it is...I PAY THE SHIPPING COSTS!!! Approximately 2.5 years ago,a skincare company(a very lucrative skincare company)had their website hacked and it was announced that this company was giving away free samples of their not cheap products. The owners had to email each person who applied and explain that their samples are deluxe samples and although they are free,they do charge a shipping charge of $5.50 each.Long story short...I ended up ordering quite a few of those $5.50 per each for shipping samples and now,not only do I consider the 2 women that own this amazing small business,that BTW is the BEST skincare products I've EVER used in MY 55 yrs of age...but I am now their ambassador and I don't pay shipping anymore because now they send me the full size products for 100% Anyone that only sees the negative in everything...will NEVER EVER have any positive endings in their life!


I’ve gotten a few free samples , lots of shampoo and coffee . All the bathroom stuff I put into a bowl and then at bath time I put my hand in a pick a suprize of what I’m trying . I don’t get out much and am on fixed income so it’s fun to have things to test that I probably can’t afford . And this gives you something to do . Lots of free stuff takes up to 6 to 8 weeks go get . So click away , it’s free and it’s nothing but your time ? Don’t complain ... they don’t have to give anyone samples at all . Most people would buy it , if they want it with out testing it . Be grateful and enjoy 😉. God bless you all !

Not free ,your paying sample by paying shipping🤔U can keep it


I'd love a 100% free cbd sample..


I suggested a 100% free sample for CBD and you refuse to put it up, but you'll post this NOT FREE sample that wants you to pay more in shipping than the sample is worth. Who picks these posts?


$3.50 shipping for something so small it isn't worth it? Eff that!


Regardless of what they say, nothing is free.


Unfortunately you gotta pay shipping


Not free have to pay shipping


Have to pay shipping

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