What is TrySpree? Answers to all your questions!
over 2 years ago

What is TrySpree? Answers to all your questions!

To sum it up, TrySpree is an online community for finding, sharing, and reviewing free samples.

We want to be the best and easiest place for people to find free stuff. Mostly we are focussing on free samples right now because that is one niche that we feel we can deliver a great experience for our customers.

TrySpree is constantly trying to improve the website to make the customers happy. It takes a lot of work, but we think we can be the best if we keep working with the community.

OK so what exactly is TrySpree...

Constantly Updated List of Free Samples

TrySpree updates the website 24/7 whenever we find new free samples. We have a team of people, as well as the community, who alert us that a new free sample is available somewhere. Then TrySpree jumps on it and takes a look. We categorize it and add a lot of valuable information, like how to get the sample, who it's for, pictures, and reviews.

All the samples can be browsed in the feeds. Users can also browse by specific categories, such as free clothes or makeup samples. We encourage our customers to check back often for new samples, because often times they run out quickly.

Automatic Free Samples

What sets TrySpree apart from any other free sample site on the internet is the fact that we offer "automatic free samples." What we mean by this is that we can do all the work for you that it takes to get a free sample automatically. Usually this means going to a website and filling out forms. We save you this effort by building computer programs that do the work for you. Basically we have a robot that goes to websites and fills out forms on behalf of our customers. Super easy and fast!

But this does come with some considerations. For example, if our customer is not comfortable signing up for TrySpree and giving us their information, such as name and address, we cannot automatically fill out forms for them. Some people are very sensitive to privacy also, and might want to go to the websites themselves to look over information such as the privacy policy or terms of service of the free sample site. Also, sometimes forms have very complicated multi step processes, or other issues that make it not possible for our robot to fill out. In these cases, the Automatic Free Samples is not a good fit. But overall, most people love it because it's so fast and easy!

TrySpree's Blog

Besides free samples, TrySpree hopes to share valuable information with our community via blog posts. We love finding ways to save money or live a better life with what we have, and to share that. TrySpree likes to blog on a range of topics, such as smart shopping, mental health, technology, and most of all, free samples. Our favorite is to do in depth reviews of the best free samples currently offered.

How TrySpree Makes Money

Often times the community asks how does TrySpree make money. Well this one is pretty simple. We show ads on our site. This is the same as pretty much any other site on the internet. If an ad is clicked, TrySpree gets paid a very small amount of money. We don't control which ads are shown, that is up to Google. But the ads hopefully are not too distracting to the user, and maybe even they see something they want to buy and that they need, this would be what TrySpree is hoping for.

So there it is, hopefully that clears up some questions on what TrySpree is. In the future we are going to share what is coming up from TrySpree, but in the meantime let us know in the comments what features you'd like to see in TrySpree!