TrySpree's Top At Home Learning Websites to Master New Skills for Free
over 3 years ago

TrySpree's Top At Home Learning Websites to Master New Skills for Free

Being stuck at home can be draining. Monotonous. Boring. Redundant. Groundhog’s Day.

Don’t let yourself get too much into a slump! There are so many ways to stay engaged and continue learning from home! Why not take advantage of this extra time to grow your mind and gain a new perspective?

You can visit a whole new world through a good book. Have you ever been so excited to read a book that you finish it in one night? It is exciting and a thrill to have a book you enjoy that much! Also, enrich your mind with free online classes. There is a new trend among many online education sites to provide free courses during this pandemic. Please take advantage of this opportunity! Lastly, you may need some free coffee samples to keep yourself learning and growing :)

Free books online:


FreeBooksy is the largest website that offers a plethora of ebooks for free! It is kind of like the king of ebooks. Start here for your first free ebook!

Harlequin Online Reads

This site offers free romance novels. It is the largest publishing company of romance novels! Are you missing the time when you can easily go on dates or meet up for a casual drink with a new fling? Fill the void with a romance novel : )

Paperback Swap

If you prefer hard copies over e books, then this is perfect for you (especially if you have been organizing and getting rid of things you do not need). With Paperback Swap, you list the books you do not want and if someone wants it then you simply mail it! In return, you can have your pick of millions of other books!

Free learning online:


Coursea works with top universities and organizations to provide free classes! In my opinion, they provide the most diverse selection of free courses!


Unlike other online course websites, Alison offers certification! Not only do you get to learn for free, but you can be certified! Add that certification to your resume.

Harvard Extension

I don’t think it gets more prestigious than Harvard. On this website, you can take free online classes that are only offered here (Coursea will not have these classes). Get a Harvard education from home! Now that will differentiate you when looking for a new employer.

Free coffee:

You may need some caffeine to stay alert and engaged! Below are free coffee samples you can use during your enrichment of your mind!

Eat your coffee

Try three free samples of snacks made with organic coffee. There are options of what bar you would like to try! One bar is equivalent to one cup of coffee. If you are trying to lose the extra COVID weight, try the Keto one with 7 grams of protein!

Caribou Coffee

When you join the Caribou Coffee Perks program, you receive a free medium beverage. Treat yourself to a nice medium latte .. for free!

Krispy Kreme

If you really want to indulge, go to Krispy Kreme. Join the rewards program and you will receive a free coffee (no purchase necessary). If you finally finished that Harvard course, treat yourself to their melt-in-your-mouth donuts while you are there!

Make the most of your time at home. Turn off Netflix and put down the iPhone. Grow your mind with a free book or course and stay activated with a good coffee treat!