TrySpree Reviews L'Oreal Radiant Serum Foundation Free Makeup Sample
over 2 years ago

TrySpree Reviews L'Oreal Radiant Serum Foundation Free Makeup Sample

Free Makeup Sample - Radiant Serum Foundation

TrySpree is happy to find and share a great offer from L'Oreal Paris. We really love this particular opportunity and have done the leg work to tell you all the details.

As far as TrySpree reviews go, this one preformed really well. The registration process is painless, the sample itself amazing, so overall, TrySpree highly recommends this free makeup sample. Now for the gory detail!

Radian Serum Foundation

OK so lets talk about the product itself. Radiant Serum Foundation was created as a foundation for mature skin. With Vitamin B3 and a Hydrating Serum, it provides great coverage but is still safe for sensitive skin. One thing we noticed is that this foundation doesn't settle into lines and wrinkles like some other foundations do.

The best way to use Radiant Serum Foundation is to start at the middle of the face and blend towards to edges. You can use either a wet sponge or your fingers, this is preferred over a brush which can leave drag marks.

It's available in 30 different shades, so basically anybody can find a matching color which is great. TrySpree also noticed it provides great moisturization that lasts.

TrySpree Score

This free makeup sample offer scored five out of five stars. We'll walk through how TrySpree scores offers, with it's proprietary TrySpree Score.

Getability. This is how TrySpree measures how easy it is to get the free sample. And this one is super easy. There's a very short form to sign up for L'Oreal's program for promotions. They ask about which foundations you use and your preferred retailer. Unfortunately though, this sample is only avaialable to US consumers only.

Next we judge a free sample offer based on the reliability of the compnay. We've seen many people get samples from L'Oreal. They are a trustworthy brand, so in most cases you should get the sample from them.

Lastly, there's no hoops you have to jump through to get this free sample. No surveys or credit cards needed, etc. You don't need to submit a review afterward. It's not a sweepstakes, so every person should get a sample. Also, there's no limit on how many L'Oreal will give out, so seems they have a bunch to go around.

We hope you enjoyed this free makeup sample review by TrySpree. Please get the sample for yourself and let us know if you liked it!