Top 9 FREE Activities To Do While Keeping Social Distancing
about 3 years ago

Top 9 FREE Activities To Do While Keeping Social Distancing

Running out of things to do that are socially distanced? It's tough these days to keep busy and healthy at the same time! So TrySpree has come up with a list of recommendations, since we love free stuff, for what activities to do while maintaining social distancing. Enjoy the list and stay safe and healthy!

Go Hiking

Visiting a local park and going hiking is our favorite recommendation out of the bunch. Not only is it great exercise, but beign outside and in nature its a surefire way to lift your spirits. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, while being far away from others to make sure you don't contract or spread Covid 19.

Also, besides local parks, there are days that National Parks do not have entrace fees. This is a great time to check them out, the dates can be found here:

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

Watch Netflix

Obviously watching movies at home needs to be on this list. The safety that your own home provides ensures you can maintain social distance, except for those who live with you of course.

A great way to watch free movies is on Netflix. They offer 30 days for free if you sign up! Just create an account, but make sure to cancel your plan before you are charged!


Facetime Family and Friends

The best way to spend time with people you love in these times is virtually! There are tons of free apps where you can video call your friends and family. This is a great way and time to catch up with those you haven't spoken to in a while.

So call your mom, talk with that cousin you haven't seen in forever, catch up with your high school buddies. It will be fun! Also, studies show having a strong social network will provide health benefits and lead to a more happy life, so start those calls.

Play Games

Some say play is one of the most basic tenets of human nature. Children are born with the innate love of play. Sometimes it's hard to play while socially distanced, but it's definitely possible.

There are tons of free games available. There are hours of endless fun ahead of you! If you need suggestions for which games to check out, TrySpree has put together a guide.

Best Free Games Available for Download In September 2020

Learn a New Skill

Being productive is a great option if you are looking for activites that are socially distanced. And there's no better way to be productive than learning a new skill. Pick up some home repair skills, learn how to cook, start speaking a new language, maybe even learn a new profession if you're looking for a career change.

TrySpree actually has made this easy for you, we've put together a list of websites that are free where you can learn new skills, check it out:

Best Free At Home Learning Websites to Expand Your Mind


Giving back to the community can be a great way to spend time during these trying times. Many offer opportunities to volunteer by yourself, so you can effectively stay socially maintained. Contact organizations that you care about, and contribute to the causes, by asking them how they are currently running volunteer programs with respect to Covid 19 safety.

These are the causes TrySpree supports the most, please consider supporting them, you will not be disappointed:

  1. Heifer International
  2. Big Brothers Big Sisters
  3. Make a Wish
  4. Habitat for Humanity

Find Free Samples

This one hits close to home for TrySpree, and is actually our specialty. Finding free samples is what we've been committed to doing since 2014. We love sharing them with our community and seeing the happiness they get when free stuff comes in the mail!

But, getting free samples can be pretty competitive. You have to know a few tricks that help make sure you actually get them before they run out. Brush up on these by reading our post on the topic:

Insiders Guide to Free Sample Programs

Listen to Podcasts

Getting lost in a good podcast is a great way to pass time. Podcasts have been exploding in popularity recently, and are offered on tons of different services now such as Spotify, which is free (with ads).

So put on your headphones, maintain social distancing, and listen to one of these captivating podcasts TrySpree has picked out:

  1. Dirty John
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience
  3. How I Built This
  4. Serial
  5. Armchair Expert


There are many scientific studies that show cleaning helps calm people and reduce anxiety. This is because the somewhat meditative process of going through the motions of sweeping, mopping, scrubbing dishes, etc. So, why not use some of the extra free time you have lately from having to social distance to clean up. Not only will you feel much better afterward with a sparkling home or apartment, but you'll also get a mini workout of sorts, which also releases endorphins.

TrySpree loves putting together free recommendations for our readers. We hoped you liked this one, please leave a comment below and let us know any of your own ideas!